As part of Waterford’s preparation for its CIMS-GB assessment, the company developed proprietary and unique cleaning management software which it has named the “Janitorial Services Manager” or “JSM”. The JSM is a comprehensive and custom designed application born from more than two decades of industry experience, and built with the most modern technology. The JSM leverages the relationships between large amounts of cleaning related data to provide all levels of operational and administrative functions within the company, access to powerful administrative tools and reports from anywhere in the world. In addition, the JSM connects Waterford’s clients to many of the reporting tools available. Throughout this document, the “Janitorial Services Manager” or “JSM” is referenced and described in more detail as it relates to each component of the RFP. Waterford is proud of and excited about the power of the JSM and welcomes the opportunity to explain its advantages to any customer wanting to learn more about it.


The JSM packs tremendous amounts of power for the Waterford Services team. Waterford Services decided that sharing the power of the JSM with its clients would make it that much more beneficial. Each client representative is provided with unique login to an Online Portal known as “myWaterford” which provides much of the data stored related to each building.

The myWaterford Online Portal provides clients with access to building data including, liability insurance certificates, WSIB Clearance certificates, employee rosters, schedules, time-clock records, training certificates, work orders, inspection reports, chemical specifications, and SDS. The myWaterford Online Portal is customizable by building and by user, creating a tailored experience based on need (ie. A Property Manager may want complete access, and provide the Security Guard access to employee photos and schedules only).