Beginning in August, Waterford Services Inc. instituted a corporate policy requiring employees to retrieve their paystubs online. This is part of our commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible. There is less paper waste, and no carbon footprint from mailing. The benefits extend to our employees, as copies are never lost in the mail, or in storage over time, and can be retrieved for up to 7 years! This includes the T4 tax form required when completing an income tax return. 

This guide will assist you in signing up to access your patstub on ePost.

Please have a recent copy of a paystub by your side, you will need to retrieve information from it. If you do not have a copy of a paystub, please call the head office


STEP 1: Sign up for ePost

Navigate to

Either log in to an existing account, or if this is your first time, click CREATE ACCOUNT to sign up. You will be required to complete a simple form to create an account. 

Please make sure to create a username and password that you will remember, or write it down and keep it in a safe place.




STEP 2: Register Your Paystub

Once you are in your account, look for the purple box that says "Add a NEW bill or statement". Click this box.

Search or scroll down for Ceridian, which is our payroll provider. Select Ceridian, then click Next.

On the Add a Mailer screen, read the instructions and then press Continue.

On the Ceridian screen, you will have to enter three pieces of information to continue. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 10.48.14 AM.png

The Employer Number is "Q698".

The Employee Number is located at the top of your paystub. Please enter the number as is shown in its entirety. This could be a 4 digit or 9 digit number.

Please follow the instructions for entering your social insurance number as is explained on the page. It will either be 4 digits or 9 digits.


When these three fields are complete, press add new.




Once on the Add New Documents page, click on both Tax Form and Pay Statement so that there is a check mark in both boxes.

Then click submit.