Waterford Services Inc. (“Waterford”), founded in 1990, is a privately owned company that provides industry leading, quality janitorial services to commercial, retail, residential, community, educational, and government facilities in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Originally Waterford Building Maintenance Inc., The company has evolved on pace with the increasing sophistication of its clientele and driven by its enhanced service offering, was re-branded in 2009 as Waterford Services Inc. Waterford currently employs a growing team of over 450 cleaning personnel, who combined provide janitorial services to over 200 facilities every day. 

Waterford’s corporate strategy is to deliver consistent, quality janitorial services which exceed the needs and expectations of its clients through the implementation of industry leading technologies, driving efficiency in its business and promoting cost saving opportunities for its customers. Waterford’s operational philosophy, led by its owner and founder Ken Crystal, has always been to facilitate a customized and hands-on approach when managing its relationships, whether it is with clients, vendors, Qualified Service Professionals, or employees.


In keeping with the needs of its clients and to promote its reputation within the industry for quality excellence, in 2015 Waterford completed the process for and received the accreditation with honours in the ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) and Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB). Waterford Services is now the third janitorial services provider in Ontario to achieve honours certification, and the fifth to earn the CIMS-GB accreditation, positioning the company in the industry to elevate the standard of cleaning management across the province and country.

“We’re committed to the Southern Ontario region; we built our reputation for service and quality in your market. All cleaning companies are doing the same work, so what separates us from the competition is how responsive we are. With huge multinationals you don’t get the quick and personalized response we give our clients. You will reach a live person every time you call us. We don’t subcontract and we don’t come to you with a list of stock products and services. We’re ready to go to work on a customized plan that meets your distinctive needs. You don’t look good - we don’t look good, it’s as simple as that.”

- Ken Crystal, President, Waterford Services